Favicons are the the small graphics displayed in the browser's address line and tabs. We recommend using a square image 32 x 32 pixels.

The following combination of image formats and sizes has proven to be a useful solution for most websites, applications, and devices:

  • Standard Favicon in .ico format with 32 x 32 pixels

  • Favicon as a PNG file with at least 96 x 96 pixels or larger

  • Apple Touch icons in PNG format with resolutions between 60 x 60 pixels and 152 x 152 pixels¬†

  • Windows 8 Tile icon as a PNG file with 144 x 144 pixels

To edit your website's favicon, open the Website Settings either from your dashboard or in the site:

Can I have more than one favicon?

Favicons are set at the website level as described above, but they can be overridden at the page level.  Any page that has its own favicon applied while inherit and override the website favicon on a per page basis.

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