Welcome to Brandcast!

Brandcast allows you and your team to collaboratively build, manage and publish all of your websites. Our powerful visual design studio lets you create original, responsive designs with pixel-level control and without the constraints of page templates. One-click publishing and our fast and reliable hosting stack means you can get your web experiences — whether they are microsites, landing pages, prototypes, presentations, event pages, and so on — up and running without the need for developers or an IT department.

Brandcast runs completely in Google Chrome, so while it does require a reliable internet connection, there’s no need for software installs of any kind. 

The Brandcast platform has three main components:

  • The site map gives you a visual overview of the structure of your website. You’ll see this view when you first create or open a website. This is where you can create pages, reorganize your site tree, or make quick changes to site-level metadata.
  • The design studio provides you with powerful design tools to create your page layouts. This is the heart of Brandcast, where you can visually manipulate the HTML structure and the CSS styling of every element on the page, make your site responsive to different screen sizes, and add custom animations and interactions.
  • The content mode is a simplified view that’s focused on updating the text copy and media on existing websites or templates. The design tools of the page editor are hidden, and replaced by a drawer that lets you quickly edit the content of a page without affecting its overall design or layout. This is a helpful mode for non-designers to work in.

How Best to Get Started

There are a few ways to begin learning how to use this platform (other than diving right in.)

The design studio, in particular, is geared towards web designers who have some understanding of the basics of HTML. If you're new to web design, it's not a bad idea to buff up on some of these concepts, and Brandcast provides some support materials both in- and out-of-app to help you learn. 

We've written this article as an introduction to some of the more important concepts -- it's a good place to start!

Interactive Tutorials

The tutorials are an interactive series teaching the basics of using Brandcast. These lessons focus on the design studio, so they're best for designers. Lessons can be done in sequence (build an entire web page in 15 minutes), or a la carte.

Lesson 1 of the tutorial will automatically load the first time you login to your newly created Brandcast account.  

After your first login, the tutorials can be accessed via the "Help" menu in the top toolbar.

In-App Chat

We're available to help during regular working hours. 

If you have any questions about Brandcast's capabilities, or how to accomplish a particular task, just send us a message via the in-app chat, which you'll find at the bottom-right of the app:

While in the Brandcast Support Center, you can activate chat by clicking on the word-bubble icon at the bottom-right:

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