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Brandcast allows you and your team to collaboratively build, manage and publish your entire Web Content System (WCS). The Brandcast WCS is comprised of three primary products:

  • My Brandcast for oversight and organization

  • Design Studio for design teams to create websites, templates and blocks from scratch—code free, responsive and infinitely scalable.

  • Content Studio for marketing, sales and business teams to build, edit and publish content—no developers required.

My Brandcast

My Brandcast is the home for your entire content operation. Upon logging in (preview below), you will see a visual display of your templates, websites, Blocks, and team members.

Click here for a video overview of My Brandcast.

Your entire WCS is organized using tags. Tags are simply labels. You can add any number of tags to your account which will organize the content you see on My Brandcast.

Organizing your WCS this way provides your company with an intuitive, infinitely scalable organizational system to support your entire content operation.

My Brandcast, combined with your marketing tech stack, enables teams across your distributed organization to plan content changes from a data-informed position.

Additionally, by connecting the Brandcast Design and Content Studios with a more robust organizational system, your entire organization is empowered to collaborate effectively while publishing on-brand content consistently–further strengthening your customer relationships and increasing your ROI.

Content Studio

Content Studio joins the Brandcast Design Studio, our powerful web creation tool, where your design teams already create customized templates, blocks, and websites. However, Content Studio is built for marketing and sales teams to easily create and publish branded, mobile-ready web content in an intuitive interface–quickly and all without writing a line of code.

Click here for a video overview of Brandcast Content Studio.

Design Studio

Our powerful visual Design Studio lets you create original, responsive designs with pixel-level control and without the constraints of page templates. This is the heart of Brandcast, where you can visually manipulate the HTML structure and the CSS styling of every element on the page, make your site responsive to different screen sizes, and add custom animations and interactions.

One-click publishing and our fast and reliable hosting stack means you get your web experiences—whether they are microsites, landing pages, prototypes, presentations, event pages, and so on—up and running without the need for developers or an IT department.

Brandcast runs completely in Google Chrome, so while it does require a reliable internet connection, there’s no need for software installs of any kind.

Also if you have coding abilities, or your organization requires it, the code for the website can be easily exported and customized to be published into your own environment.


If you’re interested in learning how to do more with the Brandcast Web Content Platform, and Studio web publishing tools, you’ll want to check out our LMS, where you can take courses and become a Brandcast Certified Designer.

In-App Chat

We're available to help during regular working hours.

If you have any questions about Brandcast's capabilities, or how to accomplish a particular task, just send us a message via the in-app chat, which you'll find at the bottom-right of the app:

While in the Brandcast Support Center, you can activate chat by clicking on the word-bubble icon at the bottom-right:

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