• Create a brand-new, blank website to start designing from scratch.
  • Duplicate an existing website and use it as a starting point for your new project.
  • Create a new website using a template from the template library.

Create a New, Blank Website

From the welcome screen, click “New Website”, or select it from the “File” menu in the top toolbar.

You'll be asked to give your website a name and a subdomain. The name is used to identify the website within Brandcast. The subdomain is a unique prefix that will be used in the URL when you initially publish the website (i.e. “yoursite.brandcast.io”.) You'll be able to edit this information later via the Website Settings dialog if you want to.

If you’re planning to hook your site up to a custom domain, you’ll do that later as well. (The subdomain that you specify at this point is unrelated -- you can call it whatever you’d like for now.)

If you are a user of Brandcast Team Edition, you can choose whether you want to create this website within your own personal account, or within your team’s account. If you want your teammates to be able to work on this site as well, you’ll need to create it within your team’s account.

By default, sites in the team account will be accessible to all the users on your team -- but you can limit access to specific users if you want, and hide it from everyone else by checking Private Website. To learn more about how to do this, refer to our article on Managing Teammate Access to a Site.

When you’ve entered all the above information, click "Create Website" to create the new site.

Duplicate an Existing Website

In some cases, you might want to use an already-designed website as your starting point. To do this, click “Open Website” on the Welcome Screen, or select it from the “File” menu in the top toolbar.

Then locate the website you want to copy, click on the small hamburger menu in the bottom right, and select “Duplicate Website” from the menu:

Next you’ll give the new site a name, a subdomain, and specify whether you want the new site to be created within your personal account or your team’s account.

A progress bar will indicate that the duplication process is underway. This may take a minute or two, especially if the site is very large or has a lot of content. 

Create a Website from a Template

At present, Brandcast offers three templates for you to use; these are intended to provide a few different starting points, and to inspire you with some layout possibilities. We will be building a larger library of available templates over time, and will soon be adding the ability to save your own designs as custom templates for your team to use.

To start, click “Template Gallery” on the welcome screen, or select “New Website from Template” under the “File” menu in the top toolbar.

This will open the template gallery and display the templates that are available for you to use. 

Hover over a template’s thumbnail to choose whether you want to preview it, or use it as the basis for your new website.

Previewing a template will allow you to see what the entire site looks like, including navigation and interactivity. A device selector at the top can be used to preview the template on differently-sized screens, so you can see what it’ll look like on desktop, tablet, and phone.

When you’ve decided which template you want to use, click “Use Template”. Next you’ll give the new site a name and a subdomain, then hit create and a new site will be created for you to edit.

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