The media library is where all content for the website -- blocks of text, images, and videos -- is stored and organized. All content in the media library can be dragged and dropped into elements on the page.

To open the Media Library, click the button in the top toolbar at the right side of the screen.

Adding Media to the Library

There are two ways to add images, videos, and documents to the Media Library: 

1.  Uploading: Click the "upload media" button in the upper left side of the screen
2. Drag and Drop: You can also drag media from a folder on your desktop, and drop it directly into the Media Library drawer

Once you've selected one or more assets to upload to the media library, you'll see a progress indicator appear in the bottom right of the screen. 

Note: In some cases, the transfer may take a minute or two before the asset appears in the library.

Supported Formats

All image and video formats are supported. 

The file size limit for any individual image is 200 MB. If you want to add larger videos, you can embed video from an external URL (YouTube, etc.) using the Video Controls panel. 

You can also add non-media files (PDFs, documents, etc.) to your Media Library. While these cannot be used as design elements on your page, you can link to them. Linking allows your site visitors to download documents. This article explains in more detail how to upload and link to documents.

Finding Media Content

To locate a specific asset, you can use the search input at the top of the Media Library to search for it. This searches for the asset by name.

Preview Scale

The slider at the top of the Media Library will adjust the size of the thumbnails, for a more- or less- detailed visual preview. This allows you to scan more or fewer assets at once.


The filters on the left will let you choose what type of media you want to display.. When you select a type of media to display, other types of media will be hidden (but remain in your library.)

These filters will automatically update to reflect the content that's currently in your library. If you don't see a filter for a certain type of file, it's because no files of that type are currently in the library for this website.

You can also sort by whether or not assets are currently being used anywhere on this website.


Access Unsplash's entire stock photo library, click the "Unsplash" integration on the left side of the screen. 

Learn more about using Unsplash in this article.


You can sort the media in the library by date modified, date added, rating, width, height, file size, or title.

Media Metadata

Media stats 

If you select an item in the library, some key metadata will be displayed on the right. In addition to a preview of the item, you'll be able to see the creation date, last modified date, file size, width, height, author, quality (video only), and alt text (images only.)

Alt text

To define the alt text for an image, double-click on the "Alt Text" field.


You can use this rating system however you want; it's meant to provide a flexible system for sorting media by whatever dimension is valuable to you.

Every item in the media library can be "rated" on a 5-point scale by clicking on the small bubbles below the thumbnail: 

Removing Media from the Media Library

To remove media, select one or more items with the mouse (shift-clicking will allow you to select as many items as you want.)

Then hit delete on your keyboard, or click the trash can icon at the top right of the media library.

If you delete images or videos from the library that are currently being used, they will be removed from your website as well!

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