Google Search Console, previously Google Webmaster Tools, is a service that allows you to check indexing status and optimize visibility for sites.

To re-index your site:

  1. Go to: and log in.

  2. If you haven't already, add and verify the site.

  3. Select the URL you want to manage.

  4. Navigate to Sitemaps

  5. Add new Sitemap (see below to learn how to create sitemaps for your Brandcast site)

  6. Press submit!

To learn more, click here.

To submit a site map:

This is our current workflow for adding a sitemap to Google Search Console. It is a workaround until we can build out the sitemap upload/generating feature that is on our roadmap.

1. Generate a sitemap with a 3rd party like xml-sitemaps or xml sitemap generator.
2. Upload that .xml file into the media library of the site the sitemap belongs to. Click on the "copy link" button in the media library to save the link to your clipboard.

4. Go to Studio > Redirect Manager
5. In the "redirect from" dropdown, type in / and then a name for your xml file and press enter to apply the change. In this example, I chose /1234xmltext1234. Remember that page names cannot have ".", spaces, or capital letters.
6. In the "redirect to" field, paste in the link for the xml file you copied from the media library and press enter to submit the url.
7. Once it's added, click on add redirect

8. Login to your Google search console, click on sitemaps on the right hand side, and enter in the page link for the page you created for the xml file in the "add new sitemap" field.

Since the page is getting redirected to your xml file, you can't get this link from your live site. You can figure out the link by adding the page slug (can be different from page name, viewable in page settings) of this page to the end of your sitename. For example, if you named your xml page 1234xmltest1234 and it lived directly under the homepage, you would enter in

If your xml page was nested under another page, the url would be You might need to add in http:// or https:// to the beginning of the url for google to accept it.

9. Once you've typed in the url, press submit!

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