Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process used to advance organic search rankings for your website on search engines. Effective SEO leads to more site visitors, more leads, and a more successful website.

At Brandcast, we take care of SEO for you in a number of ways, but there are steps you can take to improve the SEO experience even further.

Our blog post on optimizing your site for SEO provides a complete checklist of all the steps you should take to ensure your website will rank as highly as possible in search engine results.

Where to edit SEO fields in Brandcast

Website Settings

  • Website

  • Custom domain

  • Website description

  • Favicon

  • Social image

  • Allow search engines to index/follow

  • Site language

  • Google Tag Manager

Page Settings

  • Page name

  • Page description

  • Page slug (end part of the url)

  • Social image

  • Allow search engines to index/follow

  • Page language

  • Canonical URL

Other SEO locations:

  • Alt text: Can be edited in the image control panel or in the Media library. Only works for images inside of image elements.

  • Redirects: Set up redirects in our redirect manager, which you can find under the Studio tab.

  • If you have additional code you need to add to the site that isn't managed by Google Tag Manager, then you can follow steps to do that here.

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