Links are defined and edited via the Linking Panel, which is available in both the Brandcast Design Studio and Content Studio. The Linking Panel provides six ways to create linked content–every page element and piece of content in your website can be linked.

To access the linking panel, select the element you want to link and click on the gear icon that shows up in the upper right. Then click “Add Link”. (shown below) and

Use the link manager to link between images, text, or video to external URLs, internal sections and pages, or other pieces of content.

Internal Page Link

Link to another page in the same website. Each page that currently exists on your site will be listed.

External URL link

Enter in the destination URL that you want the element to link to.

Page anchor

If you've added anchor links anywhere within the website, they will appear here. When a user clicks on the link, their browser will scroll smoothly to that anchor destination.

Email Address Link

This will allow you to specify an email address as a "mailto:" link. When a user clicks the link, their default email program will automatically create a new email message pre-populated with the email address you specify. You can also add a subject, CC: and BCC: email addresses. Additionally, you can add multiple emails into any of the Mail To:, CC: or BCC: fields by separating them with comma and no spaces.

Phone Number Link

Use this to insert a phone number link with an auto-filled aria label for screen readers. Validation requires a valid phone number and allows pauses and waits.

Download File Link

Use this to upload and/or pick a file to link to, for users to download. We also feature a “download” option that allows the browser to download the item automatically instead of opening it in the browser.

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