Making a copy of a website can be useful when you want to use an existing design as a starting point for a new site, or when you want to create a backup. 

Duplicating a website is also the process that you’ll use when you want to move a website from one account to another. For example, if you have a website in your personal account that you want to make available to your team, you’ll duplicate into the desired team account. 

The duplicated website will be exactly the same as the original site — it will maintain its design, global styles, media library content, settings, etc. The only thing it will not retain is its custom domain information, if it has any (see “Duplicating an Already-Published Site”, below.)

How to Duplicate a Site 

Find the site you want to duplicate. Hover over it, click into the 3 dots that appear, and select "Duplicate". 

You'll be asked to give the new website a name and a subdomain. The name is used to identify the website within Brandcast. The subdomain is a unique prefix that will be used in the URL when you initially publish the website (i.e. You'll be able to edit this information later via the Website Settings dialog if you want to.

If you’re planning to hook your site up to a custom domain, you’ll do that later as well. (The subdomain that you specify at this point is unrelated; you can call it whatever you’d like.)

By default, sites in the team account will be accessible to all the users on your team -- but you can limit access to specific users if you want, and hide it from everyone else by checking Private Website. Learn how to manage user access here.

Duplicating an Already-Published Site

Duplicating a site doesn’t affect its published / unpublished status. So if the original site was already published, it will remain published, and your new site will not be published until you manually do so.

The only setting that cannot be duplicated is any custom domain information that was on the original site. (This is because only one website can exist per custom domain location.) So, if you want the new duplicated website to take the place of an old one that’s currently published to a custom domain, you’ll need to:

1) Remove the custom domain from the original site, using the Website Settings dialog.

2) Unpublish the old site.

3) Add that custom domain to the new, duplicated site.

4) Publish the new site.

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