The 'Social Image' allows you to control which image is displayed when your website is shared on a social network. By default, platforms such as Facebook will scrape the first image of your homepage to display when a default social image is not selected.

You can add a social image from several places:

Important Note: Once your site has been shared to a social network, it will cache the social image, and the image will remain in its cache for up to a week. This means that if you update the social image on a site that's already been shared, you may not see your change appear for quite some time!

Learn how to clear your social media cache.

What File Size should my Social Image be?

Like all images in Brandcast, your social images will auto-resize once they are uploaded. To ensure the best results, please upload a medium to large size image format to ensure image quality. In case your social media image does not appear, try using a smaller image file.

Brandcast uses Open Graph Protocol to resize your image to the appropriate dimensions for each social network. 

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