If you’re using the Team Edition of Brandcast, you have the option of making any website in your team’s account private. 

Websites within your personal account are always private (you’re the only one who has access to them.) If you’re a user of Team Edition, though, websites that you create within your team’s account will be public by default: that is, they’ll be visible and editable by all your teammates. 

There may be cases where you don’t want this -- you might prefer to limit access to only specific users on your team. This can be done by changing a website’s type from public to private.

To do this, open the User Management drawer by clicking the icon in your top toolbar, or selecting "Team Members" from the "Window" menu.

Once you enter the User Management drawer, you'll want to click on "Websites" on the top right of the screen. On the left-hand side, you'll see your Account information (which will filter to the most recent websites your team account has accessed). Beneath that, you will see your team's websites and folders that you have access to. A lock will note that this is a private site that you have access to but others may not. 

Make a Site Private

Select the website that you want to make private and click on the three lines and select "manage access".

You can also click the small drop-down menu next to the site’s name, and choose “Manage Access”:

After choosing "Manage Access" you're able to make your site Public or Private by clicking the top button. A public site will be accessible in your team account by all members. A private site is restricted to whomever you grant access to. 

Specify Which Users Have Access to a Private Site

Once you’ve made a website private, you can specify which users on your team should be able to access it.

Initially, you’ll see that all your teammates are “greyed out”:

This indicates that they don’t currently have access to this private site. (It won’t appear for them when they go to “Open Website” and it will appear in your account with a lock next to it.)

To make the site accessible to a specific user on your team, locate them in the window and click the small checkbox next to their name. 

If you want to remove somebody’s permission to see a private site, just un-check this box once again.

Make a Site Public

Select the private website that you want to make public again you'll follow the same steps as above. At the top-right of the screen, you’ll select the same button you selected to make it private. 

Once you make the site public, it will become accessible to the whole team again: all the other users on your team will be able to open it and edit it.

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