If you’re using the Team Edition of Brandcast, you have the option of making any website in your team’s account private. 

Websites within your personal account are always private (you’re the only one who has access to them.) If you’re a user of Team Edition, though, websites that you create within your team’s account will be public by default: that is, they’ll be visible and editable by all your teammates. 

There may be cases where you don’t want this -- you might prefer to limit access to only specific users on your team. This can be done by changing a website’s type from public to private.

To do this, navigate to your website's dashboard. In the upper right corner, click on Edit for Editing permissions.

You'll then see a screen link this, showing everyone in your account:

You can toggle between having your site public and private in the upper right corner. If your site is private and you want to give access to a teammate, find their avatar and click on "grant access".

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