To access the tutorials, select "Tutorial Menu" from the "Help" menu in your top toolbar.

Select a Starting Point

Once you select the 'Tutorial Menu' button, a window will appear with all the lessons in the tutorial:

The tutorial is a 12 part series which can be started and stopped on a lesson-by-lesson basis. Though we recommend starting with the first tutorial, it's very common to jump to sections you find the most interesting or most useful.

Launch Tutorial

Clicking on any of the lesson titles, video thumbnails, or the 'Start' button will launch the selected tutorial. Clicking the 'Next Lesson' option will launch the next lesson in the 12-part series.

Each tutorial launches in a version of the design studio that does not get saved, nor does it have any effect on any of your existing websites. To go back to your work in progress, simply quit the tutorial.

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