Brandcast supports the ability to undo and redo changes that you've made in the Page Editor by using <Ctrl-Z> / <Ctrl-Shift-Z> on your keyboard for PC users (<Cmd-Z> / <Cmd-Shift-Z> for Mac users),  via the "Edit..." dropdown menu in your top toolbar, the undo/redo button in the top bar, or via the History Panel.


  1. Because Brandcast is a cloud-based app that runs in your browser, Undo and Redo are restricted to your current session. The moment that you close the website you're working on, or refresh your page, you will no longer be able to undo or redo your changes.

  2. Undo/redo is applied independently to text edits within a text element, vs. the page layout overall. While you're working with text copy, you can undo/redo your changes to that copy. However, once you click out of the text element, your changes will be committed. 

Undo and Redo Using the History Panel

The History Panel is a complete history of every edit made to your page design over the course of your current Brandcast session. Think of it like a time machine of all your design edits to take rollback and undo/redo to a whole new level.

The History Panel can be accessed via the "Edit..." menu in your top toolbar.

You may slide the bottom slide bar left and right to "travel back and forth through time" of your edits. Selecting any single edit from the menu will allow you to jump to that point in time.

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