The tutorial is an interactive 12-part series teaching the basics of using the Brandcast Design Studio. Lessons can be done in sequence (build an entire web page in 30 minutes) or a la carte.

How do I Start the Tutorials?

Lesson 1 of the tutorial will automatically load the first time you login to your newly created Brandcast account. 

After your first login, the tutorial can be accessed via the "Help" menu in your top toolbar.

There are three paths to take when starting any tutorial:

  1.  Watch Overview Video. At around 30 seconds long, each video gives an overview of what taught in that lesson and provides instructions on how to do it. Once the video finishes, you will be prompted to 'Try it Yourself'.

  2. 'Try it Yourself'. This is a step-by-step interactive product walk-through recounting the actions shown in the overview video. It's very common for those that learn by doing to skip the video and go straight to 'Try it Yourself'.

  3. Quit Tutorial. This button exits you from the tutorial and returns you to your open website already in progress (or new website menu).

Can I Skip Around in the Tutorials?

Yes, from the tutorial menu in the bottom right toolbar you may skip to any one of the 12 lessons in the tutorial. You may do each tutorial as many times as you'd like.

Will my Work Be Saved During Tutorials?

No, each tutorial is a sandbox environment for you to play and learn. Once you close that tutorial, all work will be lost and the tutorial will reset.

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