If you have enabled Visitor Registration for a website, you will be able to view and manage the visitors to the website in your website dashboard.

Accessing the Dashboard

To access the website dashboard, hover over a site in My Brandcast and click "Open Site":

Navigating to the Visitors Area

In the dashboard view, you will see all of the pages and the activity for a site. Along the top of the dashboard you will see a tab for "Visitors". Click this to access the visitors area:

Managing Visitors

If you have enabled Visitor Registration and visitors have viewed your site, you will see a list of visitors, with the most recent visitor on top:

From this view you can take three actions on a given visitor from the "Edit" menu:

Show Details: This will open up the specified visitor and show all of their individual page views.

Revoke Access: This will disallow the specified visitor from accessing the website in the future. This should be used when you no longer want a visitor to see the site any longer. NOTE: this is reversible.

Remove Visitor: This will remove the visitor from the tracking view, but still allow them access to the site. This is best used to remove yourself or other internal visitors from the tracking view if you are not interested in displaying them.

Seeing Individual Visitor Engagement

By clicking "Show Details" or clicking on a visitor's name, you can access the Visitor Details view. Here you will see a timeline of all the pages that they looked at and when:

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