Visitor Registration allows you to secure your content with email-based access control. It also allows you to see page-level engagement data on your website dashboard.

Enabling Visitor Registration

Visitor Registration can be enabled in the "Website Settings" area of a website. This can be accessed via the "Studio" menu in Design Studio or via the contextual menu on a website in "My Brandcast":

From here you can click on "Visitor Registration" and click the "Visitor Registration Setup" button to turn on the feature. By doing so, visitors to your website will only be able to access your website by providing and verifying their name and email address.

Managing Access

You can decide to limit who has access to a website by clicking on the "Manage Access" button in the Visitor Registration settings:

By default any visitor can access your content. You can limit access using two different methods: limiting by email domain, or individual emails. Simply check the appropriate check box and provide the emails or domains you would like to allow.

Domain: you can provide one or more email domains. Any visitor will have access assuming that they have an email with that domain.

Individual Emails: you can provide a list of individual emails of people that should have access to the content.

Note: multiple emails or email domains should be separated by commas.

The following settings will give access to anyone with a domain or domain. It will also give access to and

Next Steps

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