If you want to securely share content and get personal engagement analytics you can do so by setting up email-based visitor registration on a website. This is a more secure way to share content than shared password protection.

When enabled, visitors to your site will be presented with a fully customizable login screen that will ask them for their name and email. Once they provide this information, they will be sent a one-time email to verify they are indeed the owner of the email. This email will contain a link that allows them to view your website.

You can control who should have access to the website by either specifying individual visitors or allowing entire email domains. Each visitor can be individually revoked at a later time, preventing them from accessing the content again.

Each visitor will appear in your website's dashboard where you can see when they last visited as well as each page that they viewed.

Here is a demo video of the feature in action:

You can find detailed instructions for setting up Visitor Registration in the following articles:

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