If you have enabled Visitor Registration, you will be able to customize the registration page that your visitors will see when attempting to access your website. You will be provided a default page that you can use if you choose not to make any modifications.

There are two ways to access your registration page:

The first is by clicking on the "Edit Form" button in the "Visitor Registration" area of "Website Settings":

The second is by opening the "Registration" page in the "Auxiliary Pages" area of the sitemap for a website:

NOTE: this page will not appear until Visitor Registration has been enabled.

Styling Your Registration Page

The registration form can be styled like any other page in Design Studio. It will be affected by Global Styles and you can add additional elements to the page.

The one way that it is different than other pages is that it has fields for name and email and a button to submit the form. These elements can be restyled, but cannot be removed. If you attempt to delete them you will get a notification that it is not possible.

The following elements cannot be removed from your registration page:

In addition to these three elements there are two interactions that cannot be removed. They are responsible for presenting the visitor with either a "check your email" message or an "access denied" message depending on whether they are allowed to access the site.

The two interactions, found in the interactions panel, are:

If you would like to change the design or the copy of those messages you can click the eyeball icon on either interaction and edit the message screen that appears:

form-denied: This is the screen that visitors will get if they are not allowed to access the content. This means that they have not been granted access in the Manage Access area.

form-success: This is the screen that visitors will get if they are allowed to access the content.

All changes will be reflected on the site once it has been published.

Creating Templates with Visitor Registration Pages

If you want to create a visitor registration page for a site that will be saved as a template, you need to design the registration page before creating a template.

Simply design a site, turn on Visitor Registration in Website Settings, style the registration page, turn off Visitor Registration if you don't want the site to default to having it on, then save as a template. Other Brandcast users that want to create a new site from this template will have to turn on or off Visitor Registration after they have created a new site from your template. They can define who should have access to the site, but will automatically receive the registration page that has been styled for the template and will have to do no additional design.

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