Brandcast offers lots of pre-built layouts and interactions you can take advantage of when building out your website. To access the Brandcast blocks and add them to your account, first navigate to your block section. You can do this by either clicking on the blocks tab on your dashboard or by clicking on the blue diamond in the top left while you're working on a site and clicking on blocks.

Next click on the import button off to the right side of the screen.

A box will popup with all the Brandcast blocks available. Select the ones that you want to import, and then close out of the dialogue box. Clicking 'import block' imports them into your account without needing to click on anything else.

Once you've added the block to your account, you have the option to make the block a default block (so it's automatically available on every site on your account) or going to your website and adding the block to that site individually.

To make a block a default block, hover over the block, click on the three dots that appear, and select 'make default block.

To add a block to just one website, go to your site, open the block library, and click on the expand icon to select the block you want to add to the site.

To use the block on your site, simply select it in your block library and drag it onto the page. Remember, blocks can only be added on the root level of a page, and NOT inside of another element. But once a block has been added to your page, you can place it anywhere you'd like.

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