With the publishing permission, Brandcast administrators can toggle on or off the publishing permissions for any member of their team.

Toggling the Publishing Permission

  1. Navigate to "My Brandcast" and click on “Team Members” in the left navigation

  2. Find the Team Member you wish to update and click "Manage Role"

  3. Check or uncheck the publishing permission to change the permission

See the publishing permission enabled below:

When the permission is removed, all of the publishing buttons in the interface will be disabled for that user. You can restore publishing access to users by following the same steps again.

With the publishing permission disabled a user can still create new sites or change existing sites, but someone with publishing enabled will have to eventually push those changes to the live website.

A great use case for this is if you want Content Studio users to be able to start from a template and fill in a lot of new content. Or maybe they need to translate the text of a copied website to a new language. After they are done updating the content you can have a member of your legal and/or design team review the content, make any adjustments, then publish the site when the review is complete.

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