On September 10, 2020 My Brandcast and Brandcast Content Studio became the two latest additions to the Brandcast Web Content System (WCS)! Check out our full video overview of Content Studio here, and My Brandcast here!

My Brandcast is your brand new login experience (preview below). It’s also the new home for your entire content operation. While the contents of your account will remain unchanged, upon logging in, you will see a more visual display of your templates, websites, Blocks, and team members.

With the addition of My Brandcast, “foldering” has been converted into “tagging” as the new way to organize your websites, templates, and blocks. You can add any number of tags to your account which will organize the content you see on My Brandcast. This is a huge upgrade, supplying your company with an intuitive, infinitely scalable organizational system to support your entire content operation.

Your My Brandcast, combined with your marketing tech stack, enables teams across your distributed organization to plan content changes from a data-informed position.

Content Studio joins the Brandcast Design Studio, our powerful web creation tool, where your design teams already create customized templates, blocks, and websites. However, Content Studio is built for all business users. Empowering them to easily build and publish branded, mobile-ready web content in an intuitive interface–quickly and all without writing a line of code.

By connecting the Brandcast Design and Content Studios with a more robust organizational system, your entire organization is empowered to collaborate effectively while publishing on-brand content consistently–further strengthening your customer relationships and increasing your ROI.

As always, if you need a helping hand, we’re here to get you up and running. Our expert Customer Success team can help you with all your Brandcast projects to drive your specific business goals.

Questions? Reach out to us via the in-app chat.

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