My Brandcast is your brand new login experience (preview below). It’s also the new home for your entire content operation. While the contents of your account will remain unchanged, upon logging in, you will see a more visual display of your templates, websites, Blocks, and team members.

Your My Brandcast, combined with your marketing tech stack, enables teams across your distributed organization to plan content changes from a data-informed position.

Organizing Content with Tagging

Organize all your Brandcast content with tags and find just what you need, right when you need it.

You can add tags then apply them via the tag icon at the bottom right of a website, template, or block. An item can be left untagged or it can have one or more tags. Tags work like a filter, so you can find what you are looking for by browsing the tags that you have applied. For example, if an item is tagged both “Testimonials,” and “Sales Enablement,” and it will display on My Brandcast when either tag is clicked.

Add tags to content via the tag icon.

Content and Team Usage Stats

Additionally, the My Brandcast dashboard allows you to see how each of the elements of your design system is being used across your organization. Click the bar graph icon on the bottom right under a website, template, or block to view that item’s analytics.

1. Website activity shows who on your team is making edits on your websites.

2. Template activity shows how many sites have been created from a template and who has created them.

3. Block activity shows you how often a block has been used and on which websites.

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