Why do I need to create a HAR file?

There are times when our Customer Success (CS) team is unable to replicate issues that you are experiencing. Generating a HAR file and sending it to our CS team contains information that our Development team can use to investigate and solve an issue in a timely manner.

How do I create a HAR file?

Follow these steps to create a HAR file in Google Chrome:

  • With the guidance from a the Brandcast CS team member, they will direct you to the specific location you need to be in app
  • Right click anywhere on the page > select Inspect Element
  • Select the Console tab and take a screenshot
  • Select the Network tab
  • The red dot at the top left of that panel lets you know that that information is being recorded.
  • Refresh that page in Brandcast that you have been directed to, go through the steps you have been directed to do by the CS team member (for example log into Brandcast, upload images). DO NOT go to a new tab or window while recording.
  • Once you have completed all the steps, right click inside the panel, click on save as HAR with content
  • Your Save as pop up will appear, make sure the file is saved as a HAR file
  • Once you hit save, you can now send that HAR file and the Console screenshot over email to a CS team member as an attachment

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