A super easy way to create a GIF is using LICEcap. With this program, a screen recording will automatically be converted into a GIF file. You can easily upload the GIF file into your Brandcast Media Library. From there you can add the GIF into an image or container element.

Download LICEcap

Go to https://www.cockos.com/licecap/.

Open LICEcap, click Record, and Save

In my example I want to give my customers a preview of what Brandcast U looks like, our new learning space.

When you open LICEcap, a LICEcap window will pop up. You can easily resize that frame and move it about before and during your recording session. Click Record, on the bottom right corner.

A pop-up window will open, prompting you to enter the file name and where to save the file once you are finished recording. Click save.

The LICEcap window will open back up and your recording will begin immediately. Click stop when you are finished recording. When you open the file you will see a continuous selection of images that you can scroll through like this:

You can close out of that file and simply drag that GIF into your Brandcast Media Library. As a GIF is in an image format you can now drop that into an image or container element.

Final Product in Brandcast

Like any other image within a container or image element you can resize as needed in each device mode in order to make your GIF responsive.

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