Link list not updating across devices?

If you notice that changing/updating your link list in desktop doesn't reflect in mobile like this:

Where SoMa is missing from the vertical link list, go back to the view you made your changes in (in this case desktop) and double click on your link list. If next to the name of your list, it says (Unsaved)

Click on Save List and then on Save when you get prompted to either Save or Save As. Once you do this your mobile link list will update! This is because whenever you edit a link list, it breaks it from what was saved in the past and it won't apply your changes to other instances of your link list until you click on Save List. Once you save your list, all instances of your link list will be updated.

Wrong link list showing?

As you're working in your site, if you notice that your link lists on different device modes are completely different, double click on the wrong list to open up the link list editor and make sure to select the correct link list from the dropdown.

If you don't know which link list in the dropdown is the correct one, go to the correct list, double click on it, and check to see which link list it is. If the name has (Unsaved) in it, make sure to click on Save List to save any changes that were made to it.

Want to add or change a link?

Double click on your link list in order to open up the link list editor. Click on the plus icon in the upper left hand corner to add a new link to your link list. That will add a new link at the end of your list. You're able to reposition that link in the link list by clicking and dragging it.

If you want to change what a link list says, double click on the name to edit it.

If you want to change where the link goes to, select the link and click on Edit Link in order to open up the linking panel and select a new destination.

Make sure to save your link list after any changes!

Want to delete a link?

Open up the link list editor by double clicking on the link list, select the link you'd like to delete, and either press the delete key on your keyboard or click on the trash icon in the upper right hand corner.

Make sure to save your link list after any changes!

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