If you've duplicated a website or created one for a template, you'll need to rename your site. To do so, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open your website

  2. Go to Studio > Website Settings

  3. In the General section you are able to adjust the following:
    Website Name: The title of your website within the Brandcast Design Studio. This is what you see in your browser tab and what appears when you search for the site.
    Subdomain Name: Your website's address under the .brandcast.io subdomain. This is the url of your site if you don't have a custom domain.
    Custom Domain Name:  Your website's address purchased through your domain registrar. You can also add your subdomain here.

Important note: When setting up a custom domain, there is a 64 character limit for the Brandcast subdomain name. Brandcast will not limit the number of characters, but the live website will give a 502 Gateway Error if that character limit is surpassed.

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