One of the great features of Brandcast is that it can easily help you build responsive sites using our Device Modes feature. It is important to remember which edits would affect the style of the elements on your page (makes your site responsive) versus the structure of your page (structural changes will be seen on all device modes). This article clarifies what is considered to be styling and structural changes.

Style Changes

Will only affect the device mode it was set on and smaller device modes

  • Element level color changes. Done by selecting the element, NOT the content inside.

  • Element level text changes. Done by selecting the element, NOT the content inside. Only works on definitions not set for a text style within Global Styles.

  • Changing any dimension value (height, width, margin, or padding)

  • Changes done using the following panels: Border, Dimensions, Position, Filters, Transform, Transitions, Box Shadow, Background Image Control

  • Stacking or splitting a grid

  • Any change within Global Styles

  • Changing gallery item size / gutter size

Structure Changes

Will affect all device modes

  • Adding/removing columns in a grid, or changing its gutter width

  • Adding new elements to the page

  • Rearranging elements on a page by dragging them above/below other elements

  • Changing the text inside of a text element

  • In-line style text edits, where you directly select the text or a specific line/word to change the color or text styling.

  • Removing/adding images in the Background Image Control panel

  • Alignment

  • Changing a video

  • Changing an image inside of an image container

  • Triggers for interactions

  • Moving Anchor Links

  • Changing a link list from horizontal to vertical and vice versa

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