An account is a collection of content and users while most users will only have access to a single account, you may have access to multiple accounts. If you are not seeing the content you are looking for you can switch accounts using the Account menu at the top right of the screen. It is the bubble next to your name.

You may find you have two accounts to choose from:

  • A Team Account:  Your team account is the account used by all members of your company, or organization. All company websites are stored within your team account, where you can work on them collaboratively. Control who has access to which website, by making a website public or private. 

  • Personal Account: Your personal account is a workspace for your eyes only. You might want to use this workspace to store personal projects that you don’t want shared with your larger organization. You cannot collaborate with anyone else in a personal account.

**Some Brandcast customers may have access to more than one team account–especially if their organization is split into multiple business lines, offices or product lines. If you have access to more than one division of your business, all of the team accounts you are a member of will be shown in this menu.**

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