Here’s how it works… 

After you’ve logged into your team or personal account, click the “open website” button on your home screen. (Alternatively, you can choose the “open website” option from the File drop down in Brandcast.)



If you have websites in your account, you will see them on the left-hand side of the screen. (If you haven’t made any websites yet, you can still create folders that you can organize your websites into in the future.)

To create a folder, click on the + symbol on the far left hand side of the screen. You will notice that once you click on this button, a new folder will appear, giving you the ability to name the folder:

Next, name the folder a name of your choice.  If want to rename the folder, you can double click on the text and overwrite the existing name.

As you add folders to your account, you have the ability to drag and drop websites and folders into existing folders–allowing you to organize the sites in your Brandast account exactly as you need to.

Next to any folder in your account, you will also have a few settings: to create a website which will reside in that folder, to create a folder within that folder, or to delete the folder.

Please note, if you try to delete a folder in your account that contains websites, you will be prompted with the following error message:

You will only be able to delete the folder if it is empty. Any websites that “live” in that folder need to be deleted or moved to another folder.

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