The Product Release for October 2019 includes: a number of changes to the Brandcast UI, the ability to sort websites into folders, and an updated search experience.

A preview, and explanation of the changes are below: 

Choosing an Account to Work In

When you log into Brandcast for the first time, you will be asked to choose which account you would like to work in. Most Brandcast customers will have two accounts to choose from:

  • Team Account:  Your team account is the account used by all members of your company, or organization. All company websites are stored within your team account, where you can work on them collaboratively. Control who has access to which website, by making a website public or private. 
  • Personal Account: Your personal account is a workspace for your eyes only. You might want to use this workspace to store personal projects that you don’t want shared with your larger organization.

**Some Brandcast customers may have access to more than one team account–especially if their organization is split into multiple business lines, offices or product lines. If you have access to more than one division of your business, all of the team accounts you are a member of will be shown on this screen.**

Organizing Your Websites into Folders

Manage your websites moving forward, by quickly and easily organizing them into folders. 

Here’s how it works… 

After you’ve logged into your team or personal account, click the “open website” button on your home screen. (Alternatively, you can choose the “open website” option from the File drop down in Brandcast.)



If you have websites in your account, you will see them on the left-hand side of the screen. (If you haven’t made any websites yet, you can still create folders that you can organize your websites into in the future.)

To create a folder, click on the + symbol on the far left hand side of the screen. You will notice that once you click on this button, a new folder will appear, giving you the ability to name the folder:

Next, name the folder a name of your choice.  If want to rename the folder, you can double click on the text and overwrite the existing name.

As you add folders to your account, you have the ability to drag and drop websites and folders into existing folders–allowing you to organize the sites in your Brandast account exactly as you need to.

Next to any folder in your account, you will also have a few settings: to create a website which will reside in that folder, to create a folder within that folder, or to delete the folder.

Please note, if you try to delete a folder in your account that contains websites, you will be prompted with the following error message:

You will only be able to delete the folder if it is empty. Any websites that “live” in that folder need to be deleted or moved to another folder.

Quickly find the website, template or team member you’re looking for with an updated search experience.

Before starting your search, be sure you’ve selected websites, templates or team on the right-hand side of the search bar. What you select, dictates the results of your search.

The content displayed on the page will change depending on the keywords or letters you type into the search bar. This makes searching for websites, templates or team members easy!

New Action Menu

With the updated UI in Brandcast, you have new actions you can take from any website, template or team member.

Website Actions

Next to any website in your Brandcast account, you now have the ability to take a number of actions related to the website selected. Here is a brief description of each action:

  • Open Website:  This allows you to open the selected website and begin working on it.
  • Publish Website: This enables you to publish a website in your Brandcast account. This can either be a first-time publish, or allow you to publish a new version of an already published website.
  • Duplicate Website: This allows you to duplicate the selected website. The duplicated website will be duplicated into the same folder, if you choose to duplicate it into the same account.
  • Save As Template:  This allows you to save your website as a template in your Brandcast account, making it easier for other team members to use.
  • Website Settings:  This allows you to add information related to the website name, subdomain, custom domain, website description, favicon, social image, SEO settings, Google Tag Manager and password protection.
  • Manage Access:  This setting will allow you to control who does and does not have access to the selected website in your account. If your website is public, all users on your account will have access to the website. If your website is private, only selected users will have access to your website. Here are two examples, side by side
  • Delete Website: This setting allows you to delete your website.

Folder Actions Action

Next to any website folder in Brandcast, you have a few actions you can take:

  • Create Website: This will allow you to create a new website. That website will reside in the folder you selected this action from.
  • Create Folder: This will allow you to create a new folder for your websites. This folder will live within the folder you took this action from
  • Delete Folder: This will allow you to delete the folder. The folder cannot be deleted if it contains websites. If you want to delete it, you will need to delete the websites within the folder or move them to another folder.

Template Actions

Next to any template in Brandcast, you have a few actions you can take:

  • Use Template: This allows you to use the template you’ve selected.
  • Preview Template: This allows you to preview the template you have selected
  • Edit Template: This allows you to edit the template you have selected. Please note, this will permanently edit the template for all users on your account as well. If you do not want to edit the template for all users, you should duplicate the template and create a new one based off the duplicate.
  • Duplicate Template: This allows you to duplicate the template. The duplicated template will be stored as a new template in your account.
  • Delete Template: This allows you to delete your template. All websites that use this template will not be affected.

Team Member Actions 

Next to any template in Brandcast, you can remove the team member from that team account.

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