There are times where you just need to add an arrow, a symbol, or even a coffee emoji into your website but have no idea how. Fortunately Brandcast supports emojis and special characters, and they're easy to add with these quick shortcuts.

For Mac

Click into any text field and press the Control + Command + Space Bar keys in order to open up the Character viewer. Then just double click on any of the images and it will be inserted into the text element.

For PC

Press Windows + ; (semi-colon) or Windows + . (period) to open your emoji keyboard.
To open the Character Map, select Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Character Map (or select Windows and enter character map in the search box).

Just copy and paste them in!

You can easily browse this site to find the special character you want, click to copy the character to your clipboard, and paste it inside a text element!

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