There can be times where you're in the app and suddenly it starts lagging. Fortunately, there are several tactics you can use to get around these headache inducing moments.

  • Refresh the app! Brandcast eats up a lot of memory and can be at risk for slowing down the longer it's open. We recommend periodically refreshing the app for optimal performance. Try a hard refresh where you hold down the shift key as you refresh for better results.

  • Clear your browser cache! This is another culprit of slow browsers—regularly clearing your cache can help your overall web experience be faster.

  • Close your tabs! Having a few tabs open while working in Brandcast is fine, but if you're guilty of keeping dozens of tabs open "just in case" you might be better off closing them while working in the app. 😉

It is also good to remember that if your page has a lot of content, images, or interactions, that can slow performance as well.

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