Prior to completing these steps, you will need to make sure your Salesforce Admin has connected your Brandcast and Salesforce accounts and mapped the appropriate website templates. Click here for more information on how to properly set up the integration.

Creating a Website

You can create a customized website for any opportunity or account record in Salesforce.

1. Choose the opportunity or account you would like to generate a website for.

2. Click on Create Site within the Brandcast widget.

3. Name your website (this will be used for internal reference only). The site subdomain will automatically pre-populate with the name of your website, but you can edit or change it if you want. 

4. You also have the option to password protect your website. If you use this option, anyone who views your website moving forward will need to enter the username and password to view content.

5. Choose which website template you would like to use.

6. Populate your site information. You will notice that a number of the fields will automatically pull information from Salesforce related to the Opportunity, the Account, or your User profile. You can edit any information displayed in the fields as well as input your own information into the blank fields. Make sure you fill out each field, otherwise your website will have pockets of blank content.

7. If the template that you are using includes images, you will see a second mapping screen where you will upload images to be used on the template:

You can either click the “Upload Files” to upload an image or drop one on the rectangle to upload an image.  Images must be less that 7MB in size and one of the following types: jpg jpeg, png, gif.  

Once you have uploaded all images you will see a thumbnail view of each image provided:

Your site has been created! 

You will be able to publish the site from the component (see below).  If you included multiple images you may need to wait 20-30 seconds for them to upload before publishing.

Publishing and Unpublishing Your Website

You can publish and unpublish websites at any time.

1.  If you did not publish immediately following creating your website, you can always publish directly from the Opportunity or Account record. Click on Publish Site.

2. Once your site is published, share the link to your website directly with the relevant prospects and/or customers.

3. To unpublish your website, simply click unpublish from the drop down menu. Once your website is unpublished, no one will be able to access it, even if they have a username and password.

Tracking Engagement on Your Website

Once you send the link to your website with your prospects and customers, you can easily track engagement metrics.

To generate links to track prospect engagement, read this article on Link Tracking.

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