Once you’ve established a connection between your two accounts, you can begin to create mappings between fields in your Salesforce instance and the fields in Brandcast web templates. 

  1. From the Brandcast setup assistant, click “Add Template”.

2. Select a Brandcast template from the dropdown at the top of the set-up assistant:

3. You’ll be presented with a list of available fields in that template (labeled as “Brandcast Field”.)  For each of these fields, you can select a default mapping to a field in your Salesforce account, opportunity, or user records.  This will automatically populate that part of the template design with the corresponding data from Salesforce: 

Note that any images on the template will show in the mapping, but are not mapped as they are uploaded later.

4. Finally, click “Save” to save the mapping you’ve created and make it available to other Salesforce users.

Repeat these steps for additional templates, if you need to.

Keep in mind that the mappings you specify are defaults -- when launching a new site, you’ll have the opportunity to override any of them with manually-entered data if you’d like to.

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