The initial setup must be done by your Salesforce admin. They’ll be responsible for establishing the two-way connection between Salesforce and Brandcast. They’ll also create and manage the mappings between Salesforce data and your web templates, so that a larger pool of your Salesforce users can launch new websites.


  • Salesforce account: You must have an enterprise-level, lightning-enabled Salesforce account with at least 10 seats.

  • The Brandcast Salesforce app: If you have not yet purchased and installed the Salesforce app, please contact sales.

  • A Brandcast license: You must have access to an admin account on a paid Brandcast account.  To get one, please contact sales.

  • One or more site templates: You can link your Salesforce and Brandcast accounts before creating any templates, but you’ll need to create at least one template in Brandcast to continue the set-up process.

Account setup

The first step is to connect your Salesforce account and Brandcast account. You’ll need the login credentials for both.

  1. From within Salesforce, find the “Brandcast Setup” link in the your App Launcher and click it.

2. When prompted, enter your Salesforce credentials.

3. Enter the login and password for your Brandcast account. (These should be the admin credentials that were provided to you by Brandcast.)

4. If successful, you should see the confirmation screen below:

If you have any issues establishing this connection, please contact Brandcast support via

Note: If either the password for your Brandcast or Salesforce admin accounts change, you will need to repeat this process and reauthorize.

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