What is it?

The Brandcast for Salesforce app connects the creative power of the Brandcast Design Studio with the best-in-breed data capabilities of the Salesforce platform.  With a few clicks you can create amazing, branded websites from Salesforce.com to support all stages of your customer journey.

The app is designed to support the growing need for 1:1 marketing: getting your prospects and customers customized web experiences just when they need it.

What do I use it for?

The Brandcast for Salesforce app can be used to create websites of any type, limited only by your imagination.  Typical use cases include:

  • Customer/client proposals

  • Quarterly Business Reviews

  • Customized presentations

  • Sales collateral

What are the technical requirements?

As a cloud-based platform, Brandcast makes connecting to your Salesforce instance incredibly easy.  All of the typical requirements for publishing and hosting secure websites is handled by Brandcast.

The app requires:

  • A paid Brandcast account

  • An enterprise, lightning-enabled Salesforce account

How Does It Work?

A standard workflow for using the Brandcast for Salesforce app would be: 

  1. Your team uses the Brandcast design studio to design and build web templates for any content that you want to webify.

  2. Your Salesforce admin connects those templates to your Salesforce account, by creating mappings between fields in the templates and the fields in your Account, Opportunity, and User records in Salesforce.

  3. Your Salesforce users can then launch new websites based on these templates, by using a simple widget found on Opportunity and Account records.

  4. Salesforce users can update or delete these websites directly, as needed, by using the same widget within Salesforce.

  5. Salesforce users can monitor subsequent engagement by seeing when a website has been opened, and which pages have been viewed.

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