Note that as of November 13 2018, we have made changes to the way that collaboration works. In the past, it was necessary to add users to each individual website to give them access. With this update, you now grant access to others by adding them to your team’s account. You can manage the membership of your team, and control their access to specific websites, using the User Management Drawer.

Collaboration is limited to users of Brandcast’s Team Edition. If your organization has a team account with Brandcast, any websites that you create within your team's account will automatically be shared with the other users on that account. All of your teammates will be able to view, open and edit these websites by default.

It’s also possible to selectively limit access, so that only specific teammates can access a given website, by making that site "private". 

If a website is in your personal account, you cannot collaborate with others on it. You must first move it to your team's account. You can do that by reaching out to Brandcast Customer Support in the in-app chat.

You can add and remove users from your team account from your Team members dashboard. You can also manage access to a specific site.

Multiple users on your team can open and edit a website at the same time. However, only one user at a time can edit a given page of that site. (This is to prevent multiple users from making changes to the same content at exactly the same time!) If you try to open a page that is already being edited by someone, you’ll be informed that they already have it open, and be given the choice to either take over editing privileges from them, or to view the page in “read-only” mode.

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