From the "Studio" menu in the top bar, select "Account Settings" to view basic information about your personal account, and any team accounts that you belong to.

  • The navigator on the left-hand side will display all of your available accounts. Choose one to display information about it.

  • At the top you'll see the avatar image for this account. You can upload an image (or select one from the Media Library) that will represent this account: a logo for your team, for example, or a portrait for yourself.

  • Similarly, you can rename the account name, which will change the way it's labeled throughout the app.

  • The account type indicates which edition of Brandcast this account is subscribed to. If you are looking at the Account Settings for your team, this will always be "Team Account". For your own personal account, this may be "Trial", "Free", or "Pro".

  • Finally, your role on the account will either be "administrator" (if you are a regular user), or "owner" (if you are in charge of your team's account.) Additional types of roles are not yet available in Brandcast.

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