The Font Manager provides an easy way to preview and add additional fonts to the website you're currently working with, or to your Brandcast account overall.

 To add Hoefler fonts, you'll need an account and a paid license for the specific fonts you want to use. You'll then need to download the font, and extract the archive so that they are in a single, unzipped folder on your computer.

The steps below walk you through this process.

Open the Font Manager

Once you've downloaded your font(s) from, open the Font Manager in Brandcast from the "Window" menu, or by pressing shift-F on your keyboard:

Adding Hoefler Fonts

At the top of the Font Manage UI, click the "Add More Fonts" button:

Then, next to "Hoelfer & Co. Fonts", click "Upload Fonts":

You'll be presented with a window where you can drag-and-drop the files you've downloaded from Drop the unzipped folder containing your fonts directly onto this area, and the Hoefler fonts will be uploaded to your Brandcast account (this may take a few seconds.)

The font will now appear in the Font Manager along with all your other fonts, and can be activated for use with any website in your account. 

Activating Hoefler Fonts on Other Websites

After you upload your Hoefler font, it will automatically be enabled for the site you're working on. You'll be able to apply the font to text on the page, via your Global Styles or the Text Formatting Panel, as usual.

To use it on other websites, you don't need to upload it again -- this font is now one of your account-level defaults and can be used on any site. However, when working with other websites, you may need to enable it via the Font Manager first. 

If it's not already active, just click the "Add Font" button in the Font Manager to enable it:

Deactivating Hoefler Fonts

To deactivate a font, you can toggle it to "inactive" in the font preview, or click "Edit List" on the list of active fonts:

Deactivate a Hoefler font from the account-level defaults, existing websites that use this font will not be affected. This will only make the font unavailable to new websites that are created in the account.

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