Updating Links

Content Mode allows you to add, change, or remove links from unlocked content.

There are a few different ways to update links.

First is that you can link an entire element by clicking on the “link” icon at the top right of the blue border of the selected element:

The second is by selecting some amount of text and clicking the link icon in the contextual menu:

In either case, clicking the icon will trigger the link UI:

Linking Options

Your options of where the link should go are as follows:

  • An internal page link: link this to another page of the website
  • An external URL link: link to another URL or file on the internet
  • An anchor link: link to an anchor on this or another page - this will scroll the page to the specified anchor
  • Email Address Link: a link that will open an email program to send an email

You can also click the “remove link” button to remove a link.  You can also  specify whether you want the link to open in a new tab with the “New Tab” button.

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