Content Mode lets you update text, images, and links without affecting the design or layout of a page. To learn more about content editing, refer to this article.

Updating Links

If links have been added to any elements on the page, you can change them (or remove them.)

To change a link on the page, locate it in the content drawer. Or, click on the links that you want to edit where it appears on the page preview, and the drawer will automatically scroll to that item.

Links in the content drawer appear with a link icon, and display a preview of their destination:

In this example, the link points to another page within the site ("Team"). 

Linking Options

Using the tabs at the bottom, you can choose whether the link is meant to be:

  • An internal page link (it links to another page in this website)
  • An external page link (it links to a different website)
  • An anchor link (it links to an anchor that has been placed in this page by the designer)
  • Or, an email address.

Removing a Link

To remove a link, click the "Remove Link" button at the top of the link item in the drawer.

The link will be removed from the page, but you'll still see an "empty" link in the content drawer. This allows you to re-add a new link to this item if you want to.

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