Editing Images

Selecting an image on the website will trigger the image controls on the left side of the Content Studio:

From here you can take a number of actions:

Replace an Image

Click the “Replace Image” dropdown. From here you can either upload a new image or select an existing one from the media library.

Selecting “From Computer” will trigger your computer’s file browser. Simply select an image and it will be uploaded to the media library and replaced on the page.

If you select “From Media Library” the media library will open:

From here, you can select an image and double click it to replace the image on the page / single click the image and then click the “Replace Image” button.

You can now close the media library with the arrow at the top right of the media library:

Positioning an Image

There are two types of images in Brandcast. An image element, and a background image. An image element will always show the entire image in its original aspect ratio. A background image can be repositioned within an element and the controls to do so will appear in the lower half of the image controls in the right rail.


If a background image is larger than the space that it occupies on the page, you can alter its position within that space. You can do this via the “x” (left and right) and “y” (up and down) sliders. They can be moved manually, or you can select a behavior from the dropdown such as centering the image in one direction or the other.

Size options

There are also three size options to choose from:

  • Fill Space: This will size the image so that the entire space is filled. This may mean that portions of the image will be hidden. You can reposition the image with the sliders to be sure it is positioned as you like.

  • Show All: This will size the image so that the entire image appears. This may mean that the entire space on the page is not filled by the image if it is not the same shape as the space it is in.

  • Original: This will render the image at its original size. It likely will be larger than the space it is in, and can be repositioned using the sliders

Alt Text

Image elements will have a space to provide “ALT Text” to them. You should provide some descriptive text about the content of an image for the image elements on the page. This will not show up on the published page but is important for SEO, screen readers and other accessibility features.

Note: this does not work for images used as background images.

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