NOTE: Some text may have been locked down when the page was designed. In this case, you will see an orange border around the text and a lock icon in the right toolbar.

There are two ways to edit text:

  1. The entire text element or

  2. The actual text within a text element

Updating the entire text element

To update an entire text element, simply click it once. You will see a blue border around the text, indicating that it is selected. This will let you change the text color and H tag for the entire text element.

Updating the actual text content

Double-clicking on a text element will give you a cursor to add, delete, and highlight text. This works very much like any other text editor.

Making Changes to Text

Changing Color

When you have either a text element or individual text selected, you can apply a color to the text by selecting one of the color swatches at the top of the right side toolbar:

You can also select the “Ø” at the top left to return the text to the default color.

NOTE: the colors provided are the ones provided by the designer of the site, and you are limited by those to maintain color and brand consistency with the rest of the website.

Text Styles

Text styles are styles that have been set up ahead of time to create the look and feel of the website. Applying these will help ensure that text looks consistent across the entire site. A text style has probably already been applied to the site and is indicated by a small letter to the left of the selected text:

Changing the text style is the only way to change font types and sizes to maintain brand consistency across the site.

“Inline” Text Changes

When you select a section of text (by first double-clicking on the text element) you will see a contextual pop-up that allows you to apply some style changes:

The menu above includes 4 options:

Link: You can link this text to various things. See the article on linking here.

Bold: You can bold the selected text

Italics: You can italicize the selected text

Underline: You can underline the selected text

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