Content Mode lets you update text, images, and links without affecting the design or layout of a page. To learn more about content editing, refer to this article.

Updating Text

To change text content on the page, find the piece of text you want to change in the content drawer. Or, click on the text that you want to edit on the page preview, and the drawer will automatically scroll to that item.

Then you can edit the text by typing directly into the input field in the drawer:

You'll see the text on the page update immediately as you edit it.

Styling Text

The majority of the tools for styling text are available in the full page editor; only a limited number of tolls are available in Content Mode. The appearance of the text on the page will be defined by the site's global styles, and by any inline styling that the designer has applied to this text element.

However, you can do some basic text styling with the buttons at the top of the text input: you can adjust the alignment, make text italicized, bold or underlined, and changing text to a quote or a bulleted list:

You can also change the text class by selecting it and choosing a class. This allows you to specify whether text should be a headline, a paragraph, and so on:

You'll see the size and style of the text change, based on how the designer of the site has defined its global styles.

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