What is Content Studio?

Content Studio is an app in Brandcast which lets you easily build and edit websites from templates and Blocks. Check out an overview of the Studio here.

My Brandcast

When you log-in, you’ll be presented with My Brandcast This is your hub for accessing Templates, Websites and Blocks.

  1. Click ‘Websites’ on the left side of the screen

  2. “Hover” on the website you want to edit, then click ‘Open’

  3. When the site opens, you will be inside of Content Studio

Content Studio

Key menu functions highlighted, shown below:

Editing Content

Text Edits

  1. Double-click the content you want to edit, then simply type to replace the text.

  2. A styling box will appear - you can make text style edits right there, inline with your text edits (shown below)

  3. Use the text sizing menu on the left side of the screen to access more text size options

Image Edits

  1. Select the image you want to change on your page and the image editing options will appear on the left

  2. Click ‘Replace Image’ and select from ‘media library’ or ‘computer

  3. Find and select the image you want to use and simply double click to replace on your page

Responsive Previews + Text Edits

  1. Use the ‘Screen size’ icon in the upper right part of your screen to switch your device view between Desktop, Tablet, and Phone views. This will help you to double check how your site will look.

  2. If you need to make a text edit, once in another view, simply double click to edit text etc., as you would on the ‘desktop’ view. Changing text on a smaller screen size changes it on all screens.

  1. To view/edit a different page, click the ‘Pages’ icon in the upper left

  2. You can also click to view your ‘Site Map’ in the upper right

  3. Select the page you want to go to from the drop down

Adding Content

Adding Blocks

  1. Click the ‘Add Block’ on the left side

  2. Find the content Block you want to add, click and drag it onto the page


If the block didn’t drop in the right spot, you can easily move it up and down on the page. (see below)

Adding Pages

  1. To add a page, simply click the ‘new page’ icon in the upper left

  2. When the ‘New Page’ box appears, name the page and click ‘create page’

Publishing Content

  1. First, Preview your edited site by clicking ‘Preview’ in the upper right (shown below)

  2. Then to Publish simply click ‘Publish’ in the upper right

Switching Accounts / Logging Out

  1. Click your 'profile icon' in the upper right corner of the screen (shown below)

  2. Here, you can 'Switch Accounts' or 'Log Out'.

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