What is Content Mode?

Content Mode is a user interface in Brandcast which lets you make changes to the content of a website, without the ability to edit its overall design or layout. 

You can use this mode to easily swap in new copy and imagery into an existing site design or template.

Getting Started

To switch to Content Mode, open a website or a page within a website as usual, then use the “Studio” menu and select “Content Mode”

You can also switch modes by using the keystroke Shift-E on the keyboard.

UI Overview

  1. Dropdown Menus: provide various controls for the website
  2. Undo/Redo: allows you to undo or redo actions taken on the website
  3. Page Dropdown: shows the current page and allows you to select a new page for editing
  4. Preview Button: switches the page into preview mode. From here you can test the design on various device sizes
  5. Sitemap Button: this will return you to the sitemap view where you can see the entire site as well as add and remove pages
  6. Team Members Button: you view and invite collaborators from here
  7. Device Mode: You can work on the site as is appears on different devices from here
  8. Media Library: This shows you what media you currently have on the site as well as lets you upload new media
  9. Publish Dropdown: From here you can publish, unpublish, and view the live site url if it is published
  10. Right side toolbar: This toolbar contains a helpful checklist of items to complete on the site when nothing is selected. It will be replaced by editing controls if something is selected on the page
  11. Web page: The page you are working on is available for contextual editing.  Elements can be selected here for editing

Check out the video overview of Content Mode here.

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