What is Content Editing Mode?

The Content Editor is a view in Brandcast that lets you make changes to the content of a website, without the ability to edit its overall design or layout. 

You can use this mode to easily swap in new copy and imagery into an existing site design or template.

While in the Content Editor, you'll only be able to make changes to text, images, and links. The other design tools in Brandcast won't be available while you're working in this mode.

Getting Started

To switch to Content Mode, open a website or a page within a website as usual, then use the dropdown at the top-right of the screen:

The Content Editor Drawer

The core of the Content Editor is a drawer, which will automatically open on the right-hand side when you select a page on the site map or open a page of the site.

The left-hand side of the screen will display a preview of the page that you're working on.

The content drawer contains a list of all the editable content on the page. 

Each item has an editable label at the top, which can be used to explain what it is. You can double-click on this name if you want to change it:

In addition, each piece of content shows what its current filename is. This is the name of the actual asset being used from the Media Library. You can double-click to edit this, too. Changing it will update the filename in the Media Library.

Note that text elements have filenames in Brandcast as well (although they do not appear in the Media Library):

Editing Content

When you make changes in the content drawer, they'll be immediately reflected in the page preview. You'll see your updates to text and images as you work.

If you're having trouble locating a specific item in the drawer, you can click on it where it appears on the page. The drawer will automatically scroll to that item so you can edit it.

Managing your Workspace

The content drawer can be opened and closed, by clicking on the big "arrow" icon in its top-right corner. This provides you with a larger view of the page:

Within the drawer, each item in the drawer can be expanded or collapsed by clicking on it. The "carrot" icon at the left side of each item indicates when it's open or closed:

The content drawer itself can be docked to the right-hand side, or undocked completely, which will open it into its own, free-floating window. This can be really helpful if you are working on a large screen, or on two different monitors.

Previewing the Site

As you work, you'll constantly see the page update with your changes. This provides an accurate view of what the final, published site is going to look like.

In addition, there's a full Preview Mode that you can switch to. This will hide almost all of Brandcast's UI, and you can click around freely without making the content drawer open. 

There are also some quick controls that you can click to see what the site will look like on different device sizes:

You can enter and leave Preview Mode by pressing <P> on your keyboard, or b y selecting it from the "View" dropdown menu at the top-left of the screen.

Locking Content

It's possible to specify what content is editable in Content Mode and what isn't by locking it. This gives you a way to protect certain parts of a page design and help your team focus on only the editable portions.

Learn more about locking content in this article.

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