Code Export functionality is useful when you want to design a website in the Brandcast Design Studio, but publish or host it in another environment, such as Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) or Wordpress.

There are two ways to use this feature.

1. Manual Code Export

Typically you will want to use this option when you need your website code to be customized. For example, if your Brandcast site is going to be used as a template in AEM. In this case, the code along with all related media will be exported out of Brandcast, handed off to a developer for customization, and then plugged into your preferred environment.

Here is the typical workflow for a manual transfer:

Design in Brandcast ➞ Export Code ➞ Customize Code ➞ Plug into your environment

2. Automatic Code Export via API (Coming soon!)

If your code does not require any customization, you may prefer to use a custom API solution. In this case, no developer is needed and you can publish from Brandcast directly into your own environment, such as your company's AWS S3 bucket (you will need the IAM credentials).

Here is the typical workflow for an automatic transfer:

Design in Brandcast ➞ Publish from Brandcast (via API) ➞ Website populates automatically into your environment

Code Export: Feature set and options

Manual Code Export

1. To export your site, open the “File” menu and select “Export Code…”

2. Give the export folder a name, and click “Export Code.” The naming is case sensitive and valid characters include a-z, 0-9, _, and -. Your site will be automatically downloaded to your local drive as a .zip archive.

Note: Exporting can take several minutes. Larger sites will take longer to export than smaller ones.

Export History

Each time you export a site, it will be added to the Export History window. This window opens automatically when you initiate an export, and it's always available from the “File” menu.

Previous exports of a site can be re-downloaded by clicking the small download icon next to their name.

Minify Options

Your site can be exported in two formats: “Development code (non-minified)” or “Production Code (minified).”

Development code (non-minified) is human-readable. It will be clearly formatted for you to scan, read, and edit.

Production Code (minified) will strip out anything non-essential for a browser to render the site. This code is optimized for web browsers, so it’s more efficient and lightweight, and the file size is smaller. However, it's not designed for humans to be able to scan, read, or edit it.

Code Export is not working, what can I do?

Code export will not work if you have any periods in the name of image assets.

Will not work:

Will work:

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