Brandcast Design Platform

Using the Brandcast app requires a recent version of Chrome and a desktop computer. 

We test rigorously on the most current version of Chrome, and actively support the previous version. Versions older than that may work ok, but we do not actively support them.

We recommend you use a computer with at least 8GB of RAM, running either Windows 7 or higher, or Apple OS 10.10 or higher while working in the Brandcast platform. 

Published Websites

The websites that you publish using Brandcast are widely compatible with recent versions of all major browsers, and are supported on Windows, Apple, iOS, and Android devices.

It's important to remember that websites may sometimes render differently across browsers and operating systems. If you notice discrepancies in how your site appears in different browsers, this is completely normal. We do our best to ensure that published sites are as compatible as possible with all major browsers; nonetheless, we can't guarantee that every aspect of your site will display identically on every browser and device, because each is powered by different technology.

If you're seeing issues with your website on a particular browser, you can let our customer support staff know. We may be able to recommend alternative design approaches or workarounds that make your site more compatible.

  • Chrome and Safari. We rigorously test the most recent version on both desktop and mobile. Other recent versions should render your website without any major problems.

  • Firefox, Opera. We do not rigorously test on these browsers, but recent versions should render your website without any major problems.

  • Internet Explorer, Edge. Generally speaking, IE 11, IE 10, and Edge should display Brandcast websites correctly, but you may occasionally see some visual discrepancies between the published site and your design in the Brandcast app. IE9 and older are not supported.

Performance Issues

If you are working with very large, media-heavy websites, the Brandcast app will demand more of your system's memory and you may sometimes see things slow down a bit. We are always working on performance improvements to make the app run faster and more smoothly. As of August 2018, we recommend 8GB of RAM to minimize these issues.

Browser add-ons or extensions might interfere with site editing. We may ask you to disable them when helping you troubleshoot certain issues.

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