From the “Open Website” Window

Quickly find the website, template or team member you’re looking for with search.

Before starting your search, be sure you’ve selected websites, templates or team on the right-hand side of the search bar. What you select, dictates the results of your search.

The content displayed on the page will change depending on the keywords or letters you type into the search bar. This makes searching for websites, templates or team members easy!

From the Welcome Screen

When you first arrive in the Brandcast design studio, you'll see a welcome screen that presents you with a list of websites available to you. This list displays the most recently modified websites first, and it’s often the fastest and simplest way to open a site you’ve been working on. Just click on a site to open it.

This list populates with the most-recently edited websites first. If you’re a Team Edition user, you may find that some sites float to the top of this list because your teammates have made changes to them recently (even if you haven’t.)

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