There's no specific tool in Brandcast for adding social links to your site, but there are a few ways you can create and add buttons for Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms:

  • Upload an icon to your Media Library, add it to your page, and link it to the desired social media page.

  • Create a button from scratch using the Brandcast design studio, and link it to the desired social media page.

  • Add an embed element to your page, and paste the iFrame code for the button into the embed. (iFramed buttons are only available for some social networks.)

A simple way to create buttons for social links is to upload an icon for each button. Most social networks provide icons for you to use:

Upload the image to your Media Library. Then add a new image element to the page, and drop the icon into the image element:

Click the link icon in the focus frame, or select "Link" from the "Edit" menu, and specify the destination URL:

Instead of uploading an image, you can create a button entirely within the design studio. There are a few methods for creating buttons documented here.

For example, you could make a simple button by adding a new text element to the page, rounding the corners, and giving it a solid background color:

Add a Button via an Embed Element

The embed element will let you add iframes to your page. If you want a social button that has embedded functionality -- for example, a button that allows users to follow you on Twitter, or "likes" the page on Facebook -- this is the method you will need to use.

The embed element is limited to paid editions of Brandcast.

Once you've added an embed element to your page, paste the iFrame code for the button you want to use into the embed:

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